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Check Out Our Angie's List AwardsA customer held by price alone is here today and gone tomorrow.
A customer held by professional service, quality materials and workmanship,
is a permanent asset to this business.

We did CBS 2 News “John do my job” where CBS 2 Weather man John Elliot came out and “did my job”


  • “How much will it cost to clean my chimney?”
  • “Why do I need an inspection if your going to clean it any way or re line it”?
  • “How will cleaning my chimney save me money or reduce the possibility of a fire?”
  • “Why do I need my chimney cleaned?”
  • “Doesn’t my oil company clean the chimney?”
  • “When I use my fireplace, it smokes and smells, so I don’t use it.”
  • “I get water dripping inside of my fireplace.”
  • “Why does it take so long to dry my clothes, do I need a new dryer?”

And the list goes on. So, how can we help? Check out our Sevice page for a list of Cleaning and repairs we offer.

We want your business and we take the time to listen to your concerns and what you are interested in. To answer your questions and offer preventive maintenance suggestions along with tips on how to use your fireplace safely. Whether it’s a simple fireplace sweeping, installing a cap or removing deadly blockages, to a complete relining, we are not done until you are satisfied. So give us a call or go to our contact page and ask any questions you might have, we are at your service and waiting to help.


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